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A propos du site

      !!! SPAWNINGS !!!  23 July 2009, 6:58 a.m.

Oysters Crassostrea gigas.
INTERTIDAL ZONE. Marennes-Oléron, France. We have been studying oyster behaviour and spawning in the Bay of Marennes-Oleron, and in the Bay of Arcachon, France. This resulted from a collaboration with people from Ifremer (PhD thesis: I Bernard; director, S Pouvreau). We placed an HFNI valvometer in the intertidal area. We had animals on the sediment and on oyster tables. Our valvometer was working on batteries and it was always immersed, except at low tide. It was programmed to get us a ring during the lowest tides. Then we collected the informations from the previous day(s). One part of the observations is available to the public. All data are available on the private pages. On july 23, 2009,a spawning events is clearly visible. It started at 6:58 a.m. and finished 30 min later.

   Do not forget to hover over the graph with the mouse cursor, left click and drag to zoom in.



Interactive and Dynamic Recordings
on 1-6 days. In the menu, choose Recordings, a Site and your d day on the calendar

ZOOM: Hover over the graph with the mouse cursor, left click and drag to zoom in. Today, one have a resolution of 100 msec and ~ 1 µm

 .     Ny Alesund, 79°N   .                 22/1/2016:         3 years & 9 months at sea!!!

to see how it is at 1300km from the North Pole, select "Gallery" from the menu bar and "Localisations" from the pulldown menu




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