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Giant clam Hippopus hippopus. When different animals exhibit a common pattern of abnormal closings (or openings), it means there is a common external stress (that can be pollution). Otherwise, each individual in the group, except for biological rhythms, lives its life independent from one another.

Available records from 4 September 2007 to 28 September 2008

Ioro, in the southern lagoon of New Caledonia is stopped since 2008 while it has been successfully working from 2007-2008. It has been out of order in early 2008. Taking advantage from this experience, the in-situ micro pc evolved thanks to another project granted by the Région Aquitaine, France. Today it is no more granted by New Caledonia although a new generation is now available. It is even more efficient and evidently more robust. It will be implemented in all new sites. We can perform remote reset and the system can reset itself in pre-determined conditions. The consumption has been decreased from 2 to 0.5 watts. In 2009, a student analysed in his Master 2 thesis the giant clam behavior we recorded during these 16 month of recording (collaboration IRD, Univ. Bordeaux 1 & CNRS). Scientific papers are isubmitted


Interactive and Dynamic Recordings
on 1-6 days. In the menu, choose Recordings, a Site and your d day on the calendar

ZOOM: Hover over the graph with the mouse cursor, left click and drag to zoom in. Today, one have a resolution of 100 msec and ~ 1 µm

 .     Ny Alesund, 79°N   .                 22/1/2016:         3 years & 9 months at sea!!!

to see how it is at 1300km from the North Pole, select "Gallery" from the menu bar and "Localisations" from the pulldown menu




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