Tromso Norvège, Norway

    "Remote online biosensors: Detection of Climate change and industrial impact on bivalve growth & behaviour in the Arctic".
    This is a RFFNORD Project (NFR, The Research Council of Norway) managed by Akvaplan-niva. It is performed in collaboration with NIVA, UNIS University of Svalbard, NPI North Polar Institute (Norway) and Bates College (USA).

   The goal is to get more insight in the ethology, ecophysiology and chronobiology of the icelandic scallop, Chlamys islandica in the fjord of Tromso.

Since march 2011 we work in the fjord of Tromso, Norway with Icelandic scallops. Our home port is the Barents Ecotox Laboratory that is located at Krakness, north of Tromsoe, and owned by Akvaplan-niva. The scallops are placed in a cage deposited on the sea bottom at 200 m from the red cabin shown at the top of the page. The trial  has been rapidly a success as we recorded the clams activity for nearly a full year for the very first time.
A great thanks to everybody (Thor - Arne, William and Lionel of course) and all the arctic shrimps and the norvegian salmon who contributed ! We always have a great time in this lab.



Interactive and Dynamic Recordings
on 1-6 days. In the menu, choose Recordings, a Site and your d day on the calendar

ZOOM: Hover over the graph with the mouse cursor, left click and drag to zoom in. Today, one have a resolution of 100 msec and ~ 1 µm

 .     Ny Alesund, 79°N   .                 22/1/2016:         3 years & 9 months at sea!!!

to see how it is at 1300km from the North Pole, select "Gallery" from the menu bar and "Localisations" from the pulldown menu




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